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Production and assembly


To produce the arch system K-SPAN we use exclusively the original technology, unique in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic, provided by the first-class manufacturer MIC INDUSTRIES USA, MIC – ABM 120.


The technology guarantees the product’s excellence concerning essential production factors, such as accuracy and unimpaired surface treatment during manufacturing.

Only certified materials from European manufacturers and distributors, for instance: ALFUN , Lindab, TATA STEEL, ArcelorMittal are used as input materials, which guarantees strength and surface treatment quality.


The halls are offered in two surface treatment material versions, Aluzinc and PE, with a steel core, the strength grades S320GD, S350GD and width from 0,7 mm to 1,2 mm.




ALUZINC is composed of a steel core with a surface treatment in the ratio of 55% aluminum and 43,4% zinc. This layer is coated with a clean protective silicon layer in the ratio of 1,6%.



ALUZINC, with its stable color and gloss, is exceptional even after the period of 25 years, compared with standard sheet metals with zinc surface treatment.



The steel core with lacquered surface treatment, according to the pattern book RAL, guarantees a wide spectrum of exterior, as well as interior colors with a declared lifespan of at least 50 years. The steel core is coated four times with a surface treatment layer. The material is suitable even for extreme storage and manufacturing conditions.


The halls are delivered in dimensions from 9 m up to 24 m of width and optional height, according to needs. The length of the system is not restricted.

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The production of the hall takes place right on the site using a mobile production line. Each segment is made out of steel scrolls 605mm wide, which are cold-formed and shaped in the whole of their length. The segments are consecutively joined, without using any screws and bolts, by a folding machine in 305mm multiples, creating a perfect CLICK FALC pressed-in connection.

By fitting in each segment, the self-supporting arch tube with a unique appearance is made.



Hall anchorage:

The lamellae are mounted and anchored onto a concrete base, with the standard width of 400mm, arranged in an L-shaped anchorage angle or into an anchorage connector

The hall without a base can be up to 15 m wide, built upon a reinforced surface, road panels or anchor plate.

Versions of the hall facades:

  • Steel
  • Masonry
  • Glass/li>
  • Wood
  • PUR panel

Accessories, such as lighting, delivered:

  • Polycarbonate
  • PVC windows
  • Velux
  • Light tubes

In addition to our halls, we also offer you a complete service, from the initial consultation and complete projection to all the professions and construction works connected with the execution of your project.

In case of any special inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us! Your creativity is a contribution, as well as a challenge for us!